For over a century, germicidal ultraviolet light has been scientifically proven as an effective means of deactivating bacteria and certain viruses. It is, however, potentially harmful to humans. Thanks to studies completed by Dr. David Brenner and his team at Columbia University, further research is continually proving that the ranges of 207nm to 230nm, or “Far-UV” is not harmful to humans in appropriate doses.

There has never been a greater urgency for a safe UV light as now. Most experts agree that it will take time for people to reintegrate into society. It will not simply be business as usual, even after a portion of the population is administered a vaccine. During the transition period, different strategies will be employed to encourage people to help reinvigorate the economy. Yet no matter the plan for recovery, COVID-19 has already done damage–not just to the families who lost their loved ones, not just to the businesses that had to close, but to our nation—and, as a citizenry, we are as divided as ever.

The pandemic has challenged our nation to its core.  Technology had already devalued in-person human interaction, but the pandemic forced people to isolate themselves further during a time where we could have joined together as a united front. It was a missed opportunity and, unfortunately, we are experiencing the consequences as the pandemic goes through another wave. More than ever, we need to come together.

We invite you to join the fight with light. Far-UV is not just a technology, it is an opportunity. While the technology ahs existed for some time, never has the demand been greater to expand its use. These products will help inspire confidence and allow people to reintegrate into society again. Light can do more than illuminate, it has the potential to help prevent the spread of pathogens and save lives. We are so inspired by the potential to help our community that our sole purpose as a company is to offer cost-effective Far-UV lights in order to give everyone the opportunity to access safe germicidal lighting for their home, business, and community. We need your help to build the future that we all envision: A world made safer by light.