A world made safer by light as quickly as possible.

Our Name

Kryptolights will be the kryptonite to pathogens.

Our Company

Germicidal ultraviolet light is acknowledged as an effective means of deactivating bacteria and certain viruses. It is, however, potentially harmful to humans. The spectral range of 200-280 nanometers, also known as UV-C, was until recently believed to be unfeasible as a sterilizer when people actively occupied a space. Thanks to studies completed by Dr. David Brenner and his team at Columbia University, further research is proving that the ranges of 207nm to 230 nm, or “Far-UV” is not harmful to humans. 

There has never been a greater urgency for a safe UV light as now. While the technology has existed for some time in speciality applications, never has the demand been greater to expand its use. These products will help inspire confidence and allow people to reintegrate into society again. Light can do more than illuminate, it has the potential to help prevent the spread of pathogens and save lives. We are so inspired by the potential to help our community that our sole purpose as a company is to offer cost-effective Kryptolights in order to give everyone the opportunity to access safe germicidal lighting for their home, business, and community.

Our Philosophy

Our product ethos is the same as our philosophy. With the highest quality materials, innovative designs and honest pricing, we want you to feel the value, illuminated.

Core Values

Intention –  Be the best you can be. Be that now.
Honesty – Be honest about what you can do. No pretending.
Teamwork – You can’t do it alone, play well with others.
Seeing – See a path, obstacles, a solution and a victory.
Sharing – Share your seeing.
Execute – Efficiently. No excuses. 

If our core values resonates with you and if you are interested in joining our team, please send a letter of intent and your resume to jointhefightwithlight@kryptolights.com

Our Story

For the past six years, I have had the privilege of helping small businesses upgrade their old lighting to energy efficient and cutting-edge LEDs. For the majority of the time, I sold door-to-door and, as a result, I had access to a unique perspective on the inner workings of the small businesses which are the backbone of our economy. I was able to visit these businesses and develop a sense of how they were performing. Over the years, I was saddened to see instances of customers being forced to close their doors. Being in the field and having discussions with business owners, I could get a sense of the challenges and responsibilities they faced daily. 

In the new age of COVID-19, no one was prepared for a pandemic and the lack of solutions. Our nation was not prepared for the friends or family lost and our businesses were not prepared for the lockdowns imposed. No one should have to experience that kind of loss when there is the possibility to prevent it and, because this technology has the potential to prevent the transmission and spread of a variety of pathogens, it is our company’s mission to create a world made safer by light as quickly as possible. 

Shey Godoy, Kryptolights Co-founder