Debunking The Top COVID-19 Myths

With the current pandemic still ransacking many countries, there has been a surge of misinformation and theories about the COVID-19 virus. There is a high chance that you’ve already seen these theories circling around social media or from your friends and family. And with the dire results of the pandemic, hundreds of people are tempted to believe in these claims from questionable sources. So, today, let’s review some of these myths and set the record straight.

COVID-19 Myths Debunked

Drinking Bleach or Chlorine Will Kill the Virus From The Inside of The Body

When you get COVID-19, drinking bleach or chlorine will not kill it. It would do more damage than good because both bleach and chlorine have chemical properties that damages and burns your organs, which is why it should not be ingested because it is highly toxic. 

It will start to burn your mouth, down to your esophagus and to the stomach. This will cause burning, throat swelling up, intense pain, and stomach aches which could lead to something more damaging such as a hole in your stomach. So, no matter how desperate you are, you should never ingest bleach or chlorine to “kill” off the virus.

Letting The Virus Spread to Achieve Community Immunity

Letting everyone in the community get the disease is very much a bad idea, especially since that COVID-19 is relatively new, there are not many studies about this and how it can affect the majority. And with recent studies, getting infected with the virus does not make you immune as you can still get it. So, community immunity will not work. 

Children Can Not Get The Virus

Anyone of age or gender can catch the virus, no one is an exception. Although the majority of cases lean towards adults and teenagers, children are not immune. However, when children do catch the virus, they show none to mild symptoms. 

The speculation of some is that children do not go out as often as adults and teenagers who need to work. However, this may not be the case as it is just a theory.

Today, scientists still have little information about children with COVID. But, they are learning everyday to figure it out.

Everyone Who Gets Covid-19 Dies

COVID-19 is fatal to a number of people due to underlying or current illnesses. WHO has already reported that around 80% of people who catch COVID-19 experience mild symptoms, meaning, they do not need any special treatment or any specialists. These mild symptoms may include a fever, a cough, a sore throat, tiredness, and shortness of breath which can be treated at home. And in a few cases, some people are asymptomatic, meaning, they don’t show any symptoms. 

So as long as you stay quarantined, do not have contact with other people, and take your medicine until you test negative on your test, you’d be fine. Although, do remember that there might be some long-term effects that you may experience. 

Final Thoughts

If you test positive, immediately take action such as drinking your medicine and staying in quarantine until your doctor tells you that you’re already okay. Remember to not always believe what unreliable sources say such as non-professionals and even the internet. This is because you might just build up anxiety within you due to all that misinformation.

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