Great Ways to Beat Microbial Pathogens Like COVID-19

Immune System Boosters

Getting sick is something that many people dread. These diseases are often caused by microbes that can get into your system and wreak havoc on your health. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of this. So taking care of yourself and preventing these pathogens from getting into your home or business in the first place. But how exactly can you do that?

The Best Ways To Beat Microbial Pathogens

In today’s day and age, you should have ways to deal with microbial pathogens to keep yourself from getting sick. Luckily there are a few great ways you can fight back against these microbes. We’ve made a quick list of the best antimicrobial solutions you can use to keep these microbes out of your homes and businesses

Immune System Boosters

The immune system is the antimicrobial defense of your body, and they ensure that you can fight off any microbes that may have entered your system. So boosting your immune system is a surefire way to ensure that you can stay healthy despite exposure to various microbes. A few great ways to do this is through a proper diet, and ensuring that you have the best vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system strong.


However, it is still better to make sure that microbes don’t enter your system in the first place. 

Hand Washing

One of the most simple and easiest things to do to handle bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 is simple hand washing. Pathogens often infect people through the food they eat and through other membranes like the nose or eyes. Touching your food with unwashed hands, rubbing your eyes and other similar acts can open you up to infection. Luckily, proper handwashing helps you get rid of microbes that have clung to your hands. 

Antimicrobial Sprays and Wipes

Bacteria and viruses are resilient and can survive on surfaces for a number of days. For example, COVID-19 can survive on a surface for 72 hours. So having a way to disinfect surfaces is a great way to prevent these microbes from entering your home. Antimicrobial sprays and wipes are great for eliminating bacterial threats on any surface that you have to be in constant contact with.

Ultraviolet Antimicrobial Solutions

A new and upcoming solution to the COVID-19 pandemic and other pathogens is the use of ultraviolet light. UV lights have seen use in the medical field as a disinfectant. However, high levels of UV light can harm a person, but a new type of UV light has been developed to be safe for use in homes and businesses. This UV light is called Far-UV and can become a powerful tool for preventing microbial pathogens like COVID-19 from lingering on surfaces and the air you breathe.


Microbial pathogens like COVID-19 are a danger to your health and many other aspects of your life. But as long as you make use of the various techniques we’ve listed, you should have no issues beating these pathogens before they affect your health!

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