Great Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your Disinfectants

Make The Most Out Of Your Disinfectants

Using disinfectants to protect your home or business is a common occurrence in today’s new normal. However, what is concerning is that many home or business owners tend to use disinfectants poorly. This can lead to missing spots where pathogens could be hiding, or wasting the potential of the disinfectant. 

How You Can Use Disinfectants to Their Full Potential

Using a disinfectant to its full potential brings a number of benefits to your home or business. This is especially true for businesses that have people constantly coming in contact with each other. So to help your home or business make the most out of the disinfectants that you have available, we’ve made this list of things you can do.

Always Read the Label

One of the biggest issues that most people have is that they will simply just use a disinfectant without knowing how it works. This is a big mistake as you could miss a few crucial steps to making the most out of it. For example, some disinfectants will take time to completely disinfect an area or surface. If you remove a disinfectant before it manages to disinfect an area, the pathogens will simply multiply on the surface again.

Combining Disinfectants Together is a Bad Idea

It might seem like a good idea to combine several types of disinfectants. More is better right? In the case of chemical disinfectants, combining them together can become a big issue. You should know that disinfectants have precise chemical formulations. Combining multiple disinfectants could mean that you’re messing with that chemical formulation which could lead to the disinfectant being rendered inert and unusable, or turn it into a safety hazard.   

Leave The Disinfectant on Surfaces For Longer

We’ve previously used the example of leaving disinfectants for as long as their label recommends. However, it is often a good idea to leave them for longer. This is because the length of time a disinfectant needs to disinfect a surface can vary due to a number of reasons. These include the surface it is used on, what pathogens you’re trying to prevent, and even the temperature and humidity of the area. So it is always a good idea to keep the disinfectant on an area for longer so there is no chance for any bacteria to survive, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Take Advantage of New Technology to Make Disinfecting Surfaces Much Easier

A great way to make the most out of your disinfectants is to utilize new technologies that can disinfect better than other alternatives. A great example of this is our Far-UV technology that you can simply plug in and leave near a surface you want to disinfect. The best part about it is that you can also combine it with other chemical based disinfectants without any adverse effects.


Keeping surfaces clean and bacteria free are the forte of various types of disinfectants. And using them correctly should always be your priority since even a small bit of bacteria can cause a big problem in your home or business.

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