The Things You Need to Expect After COVID-19

After getting COVID-19, many would ask, “What happens now?” 

There are a few things you should expect after recovering from COVID-19 such as how you should go about your daily routine, what you should and shouldn’t do, and etc. So, what should you expect after COVID-19?

Long-Term Side Effects

After recovering from the virus, you might think that everything is done and you wouldn’t experience any more side effects. However, you might still experience a few long-term side effects, which sometimes take a long time before they go away. COVID-19 recovery takes a few weeks to months for the majority of the population who were infected with the virus. Unfortunately, this does not indicate that they would be all able to heal without the virus’s long-term impacts. 

These people are known as “long haulers,” and their symptoms are termed as “post-COVID-19 syndrome” or “long COVID-19.” COVID-19 side effects are normally expected to linger for more than four weeks after you’ve been diagnosed with the virus, though some people experience them even after months of recuperation.

One of these long-term side effects are the loss of taste and/or smell. Several people who have survived from the disease have not yet regained their sense of taste and smell. A few of the symptoms of the virus is the loss of taste and smell, which numerous people have reported not regaining even after their first recovery. 

You Can Get Re-Infected

COVID-19 can be re-infected, albeit it’s a rare occurrence. This is why, even when you’ve already suffered from COVID-19, it’s critical to get vaccinated. Unvaccinated people were significantly more likely to get re-infected with COVID-19 than those who got vaccinated after recovering from their sickness, according to a recent study.

Get Vaccinated

Immunity is difficult, and certainly, COVID-19 re-contamination can resurface. Even if you’ve recovered from COVID-19, you should get vaccinated and continue to take precautions to protect yourself and many others from the virus, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands frequently.

Post-COVID Care

There are several things you should do after suffering from the virus to make sure that you help your body fully recover and to not get re-infected. 

  • Having a nutritious diet will help your body recover faster as you are giving it the nutrients it needs. Coronavirus exposes the body to a great deal of stress, and the medications used to treat it can also be debilitating. A small percentage of patients also report unexplained weight loss or increase. 
  • Exercise may be difficult if you’re recuperating and your body is weak, but progressively incorporating it into your daily routine will improve your physical and emotional health.
  • Don’t expect to be able to resume your normal life routine as soon as you return home or test negative for the virus. Allow yourself ample time to gradually shift back to your old daily routine.


Suffering from the virus will definitely take a toll on your body, so you should know what you should expect after having gone through it. Take your time and recuperate as much as you need to be able to go back to your body’s normal state.

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