Tips on How to Improve Work From Home Productivity

Work from home productivity is a big concern in today's post pandemic age. It is certainly a big change, but not an impossible one to handle.

Since the start of the pandemic, many workers have transitioned to working from home to decrease close contact to avoid getting infected by COVID-19. Working from home is both loved and disliked, but regardless of your thoughts, you have no choice but to continue working from home if your employer requires it.

Improving Work From Home Productivity the Right Way

Working from home during a worldwide pandemic adds additional stress and pressure beyond regular remote work situations, and employers should be aware of this and modify their standards of employees and themselves appropriately. 

So, how can you improve your productivity when working from home?

Designate a Specific Space Just for Working

Creating a space for your office at home is very important. This helps you to work more efficiently and avoid working from the bed which would be a bad habit. With a specific space just for work, you are still able to have boundaries between your work and home life. 

Make sure that the space you allocate for working has the most minimal interaction with other family members or housemates to avoid distractions when working. Also, if you can, invest in an ergonomic chair to keep you comfortable while working. It also would be a great idea to keep your desk nice and tidy to keep your mind focused on work instead of the mess on your desk.

Getting Ready to Work 

Getting ready in the morning, even when you don’t have to physically go out of your home helps you set the mood that you’re going to work. Plus, it’s harder to focus on work when you’re dressed in comfortable pajamas. 

Wearing fresh clothes helps you to create a boundary between work and home life. This is because most employees who work remotely tend to become sluggish and lazy when they don’t create a fine line between their home and work life.

You don’t have to look all glammed up, you can just take a short shower to wake you up and put on fresh “working” clothes to allow you to put your mind to work. 

Set Up a Schedule

Setting up a schedule is important to keep track of things you have to accomplish for everyday. Having a routine that you follow helps you to stay on track and accomplish the things you need to finish for the day. However, when working from home, sometimes, you stray off the schedule since no one is paying too much attention to your arrival and departure. 

Create House Rules if You Live Someone Else

When you live with someone else, make sure that you create rules to ensure that they do not disturb you during your work hours to avoid getting distracted. Talk to your kids or roommate to tell them that they should not be too noisy when you’re working. 

There are also days that you might have less work, but this should not be an invitation for your family members or roommate to invite you, cause noise, or distract you. 

Allow Yourself to Take Breaks

Working from home can sometimes be tiring even if you’re not physically leaving your house. So, allow yourself to take breaks during the day. For example, taking a walk during lunch break or stretching when you feel suffocated. It’s okay to take a little break. 

Communicate with Your Team

Lastly, never forget to communicate with your team and talk about the necessary things. Also, it would be great if you and your team members have a weekly or monthly “check-in” with each other, asking if one needs extra help or whatnot. 

Final Thoughts

Working from home can be exhausting and hard, especially for people who are new to this. So, we hope the tips mentioned above will be able to help you lessen your struggle.