What are The Uses of Germicidal UV?

Germicidal UV is a powerful, and very safe tool that you can use to protect your home or business

With today’s current technology, it is no surprise that UV light for disinfection has been created, especially in this time of need. However, there are still several people who are skeptical towards this new technology. But with the current pandemic, everyone is doing the best they can to try and subdue it, and this comes with new technology. So, what are the uses of germicidal UV?

Kills Off Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs in the:


Every business that wants great quality air spaces which can be accomplished if you can utilize a UV disinfection. To do so, the air must make adequate contact with the UV light, this form of disinfecting is more efficient on still or stagnant air rather than on moving air. Many businesses opt to add UV disinfection lamps at the top level of the room to increase the efficiency of air disinfection, so that when the air naturally circulates, it will be cleaner.

Lastly, for better air quality, businesses can also place UV lights alongside cooling systems and drain pans, to prevent germs from developing in any chilly, damp environments.


UV light may also be used in buildings to disinfect water. UV disinfection is a physical technique which does not involve the addition of chemicals to the water to clean it, making it a very safe and effective choice. UV radiation can help to lower the prevalence of parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia, which can be immune to even chemical treatments.


This must goes without saying that UV light may be used to disinfect surfaces in healthcare institutions and other settings. UV radiation, in fact, has the ability to kill infectious viruses and other pathogens on a surface in a couple of moments. UV in healthcare facilities can be considerably more effective and efficient than some other cleaning and disinfection solutions in this scenario.

FAQs About Germicidal UV

Can it Replace Traditional Cleaning Materials?

Germicidal UV does not substitute other cleaning methods such as sweeping. In reality, because germicidal UV devices cannot penetrate particles such as dust, their efficiency will drop as a result of filthy surfaces.

Is it Safe?

Germicidal UV, like UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun, can cause skin and eye damage. When the items are in use, rigorous safety requirements must be followed.

As a general rule, germicidal UV lights should not be used when people are present. According to the IES, there have been no instances of long-term impairment from unintentional overexposure, but there may be severe acute repercussions.

Can it Deteriorate Surfaces or Equipment?

UV and wide spectrum compounds can cause long-term harm to materials. The key distinction to look for is whether the UV radiation is continuous or provides brief spurts or flashes of disinfecting UV rays.


Germicidal UV is extremely helpful especially with COVID-19 still active in many countries. However, there are always pros and cons to not only new technology but to almost everything we use such as chemical cleaning substances that can be harmful when ingested etc. However, using UV disinfection is much more safe as long as it is used with the correct materials.

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